Coming from a background of playing flamenco guitar at the age of 7, bass guitar and drums, Dave Mech has a strong sense of rhythm which he uses effectively in his techno productions. By using synthesis, field recordings and extensive sampling techniques, he has created his own unique sound. Because of his musicianship, broad taste in music and his fondness for broken sounds, he is able to successfully combine elements that are usually big in contrast to each other. His sound is harmonically rich and mechanical at the same time. The grooves he creates are atmospheric with complex structures while retaining a rough, energetic, and methodical cadence.

For his live performance he takes these methods onto the stage with a very compact setup. Live he has total control over the arrangements of his sounds and grooves. This freedom to improvise makes sure he keeps the crowd dancing and mesmerized at the same time.

Live performance @ Radio Nachtlab
Live performance for Allen&Heath Xone at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019

live setup

He designed his live setup to be very compact, without a laptop and plug and play. This means his setup is running within a couple of minutes. He only needs a power outlet and an audio input. No hassle to go on or off stage. Despite its compact footprint, this setup gives him an enormous playground to deliver quality techno to the crowd and doing so with 100% his own work and sound.



Dave runs a fast growing YouTube channel showcasing his (sampling)
techniques, live-sets and music gear demos. His videos have been featured
on big music related websites like:,,, and more.

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